The Aguas Way

For nearly 40 years, the Sandoval Family has shared their love of aguas frescas, the popular Mexican fresh fruit drink mostly found at family gatherings. Long Beach native and eldest son, Leoh Sandoval became aware of the fame and reputation of his mother’s aguas frescas. This led him with the idea of sharing his family’s enjoyable drink with the people of his beloved City of Long Beach.

Leoh knew his neighborhood on the north side of Long Beach was the ideal location due to the lack of local eateries and hang out options that could bring the community together. With this in mind, he decided to open Aguas Way, a café specialized in the family’s famous aguas frescas along with food items that include the best-selling Carne Asada Fries.

With hard work and effort from the entire family, they converted an old run-down building into a hip and modern eatery. Locals are greeted by a large aquarium, custom made contemporary large tables and inviting back patio. The front counter is decorated with an array of colorful juices and staff behind it who are more than happy to offer small samples of aguas frescas made fresh every day by Leoh’s mother, Lupe.

The food menu is focused on various loaded French Fries that includes the popular Carne Asada Fries that never disappoint. Other food items include Nachos, Tacos, Flautas, and daily specials. The sweet side of the menu is led by fresh fruit bowls and funnel cakes made to order. The creative menu and cooking is handled by Leoh’s brother-in-law, Hector, a passion he has held and treated his friends and family to for many years. He believes that the extra effort and detail is what brings out the great taste in food, such is the case with the fresh cut potatoes that make every French Fry dish irresistible.

The Sandoval Family approach the eatery experience as an idea to serve the community as a WAY of living and WAY of eating. They believe in supporting local businesses by sourcing fresh fruit from local farmers, purchasing meats and breads from local butchers and artisanal bakers. This results in a better experience for each guest and, thus makes smart business sense.

So, they welcome you to savor their remarkable aguas frescas and French fry dishes – from the classic Carne Asada on a mountain of French fries with melted cheese, pico de gallo, and guacamole complemented with Leoh’s favorite agua fresca of Pepino con Limon, to their fluffy Funnel Cake topped with ice cream, fresh-cut strawberries covered with hot fudge.

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